Ear Ringing & Getting Louder?

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My ears suddenly started ringing, the day before it was like an inlet of air (like from a place of high to low pressure), after a day the ringing got louder u0026amp; disturb. Thank you

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Hi Arifunah,

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A rather annoying ringing in the ears can be classified as tinnitus. This condition is one of the ear complaints that often occur (1 in 5 people in the world have experienced tinnitus). Tinnitus can occur due to interference with the ear, namely the outer, middle, or inner ear. Some of the possible causes are:

Presbycusis (decreased ear function due to aging)
Excessive and prolonged exposure to noise
Earwax blockage
Inflammation of the ear (otitis externa or otitis media)
Otosclerosis (the hearing bones become stiff)
Meniere's disease (interference with fluid pressure in the inner ear)
Ear injury, and so on

It could also be that tinnitus occurs due to other factors that are not purely derived from disorders of the ear, such as jaw joint disorders, head or neck injuries, acoustic neuroma (vestibular Schwannoma), atherosclerosis, head or neck tumors, hypertension, drug side effects, and so on.

If the ringing that appears feels worse and interferes with your daily activities, you should get it checked directly to an ENT specialist. Some types of examinations, such as a hearing test or CT scan, may be performed by the doctor to identify the cause of your complaint.

The initial treatment you should do is:

Use hearing protection first to protect your ears from noise
Avoid listening to loud, repetitive, and prolonged sounds (for example listening to music through hands-free is too loud)
Avoid picking at ears
Have your ENT health checked by a doctor at least every 6 months

Hope it helps ..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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