Illustration of Ear
Illustration: Ear

Doc I want to ask. My ears are irritated, clear discharge 2 days. I tried to smear miconazole, after that tomorrow my ear swollen. Does the medicine not match?

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Hello Verawaty,

Swelling and redness of the burrow and earlobe plus clear discharge from the ear canal can be caused by an external ear infection (otitis externa). Otitis externa, which affects the entire external ear, is known as diffuse otitis externa.

Symptoms of otitis externa include:

Ear pain
The ear feels full
Fluid (usually clear) discharge from the ear
The ear canal is swollen, red and becomes so small that sometimes hearing is interrupted. In addition to swollen ear canal can also occur up to the earlobe
Fever sometimes, sometimes not

Risk factors for otitis externa are wet / moist ears continuously for example in swimmers or trauma to the ear canal due to the use of ear plugs.

The diagnosis of otitis externa is made from the history of complaints and physical examination of the ear area by a doctor.

Handling provided includes:

Ear toilet to clean up the dirt - the liquid is there
Provision of pain relief drugs
Provision of ear drops (antibiotics, antifungals, inflammation reduction, pain relief, etc. according to the conditions of the examination)
Prevents wet ears / water from entering, including bathing

It is better not to indiscriminate drug insertion into the ear, especially if the drug is not a special ear preparation.

Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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