Earache And A White Discharge That Makes You Buzzing?

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Hello doctor, a year ago my left ear hurt and it was bleeding white, then I went to the doctor and was given ear drops. But after that my ear was still sore, had a white discharge, sometimes buzzed, and sometimes felt full. But the pain changes and comes and goes, for example this week the right ear and then next week the left ear like that. What do you think I’m sick of, and how can I handle it? R n r nThank you, r n r nRuri Riskia

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Ear pain may be caused by several possibilities, most commonly ear infections. Infection of the ear is often followed by fever, inflammation, sore throat, flu or allergic conditions, sneezing, or without these symptoms. Symptoms that may indicate an infection of the ear include:

ear pain, discharge from the ear, fullness in the ear, reduced hearing, ringing / ringing. Some possible causes of ear pain are:

effusion otitis media, occurs due to differences in pressure of the outer ear and middle ear, often occurs in conjunction with flu conditions or after swimming otitis externa, infections that occur in the outer ear, frequent blisters or sores on the outer ear which then result in bacterial infection secondary acute otitis media, an infection that occurs in the middle ear If what you are experiencing has been going on for a long time, and is still ongoing, you should further check with a specialist in tht (ear nose throat) to find out the condition of both ears You, usually by a doctor such as will be examined with a special tool to see the part of your ear, and to find out the appropriate treatment based on the underlying cause, whether due to an ongoing infection, whether due to allergies or maybe a sinus.

Some things you need to pay attention to:

avoid picking your ears too often clean them immediately if your ears are wet avoid getting water in your ears when bathing or washing your hair avoid swimming avoid blowing your nose too loudly read things related to otitis media hope it is useful, thanks

dr. Danny

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