Earache And Chewing Hurts.?

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Hi good night, I want to ask what the cause is if my left ear hurts a lot in it and there is a lump under the outer earlobe, nymphs inside the ear, and feels ringing and body feels warm. How do I restore it? thanks.

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Hi Rizkyjiyohari,

Inner ear pain, accompanied by a lump outside the ear and fever, can be caused by:

Acute otitis media, which is inflammation of the middle ear
External otitis

Generally this condition can last several days with good treatment. However, if not treated properly, complications can occur, for example: ear abscess, eardrum perforation, meningitis, and others. The healing will also take longer.

Our suggestions:

Please check this directly with your ENT doctor
You can take paracetamol if necessary, to relieve fever and reduce existing pain
Eat nutritious food, drink enough water every day
Eat soft foods, if you feel pain when chewing

Thus, hope it can help you

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