Earache That Radiates To The Teeth?

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Good evening, I want to ask about my friend’s earache. R nAfter 2 weeks my friend’s ear has a pain in the inside of her ear feels like a squeeze and the pain radiates to her teeth but her ear doesn’t drain any fluid. R n I was taken to the ENT and had everything checked and the ENT doctor said the condition of the eardrums was healthy and clean and there was no wound then my friend was given painkillers and antibiotics, but until now my friend’s ear still often hurts suddenly and the pain is only in the ear and spreads into the teeth alone does not go anywhere

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Hi Gitac,

Thank you for asking HealthReplies.com.

Pain in the ear cannot only occur due to abnormalities in the ear itself. This pain can also originate from other structures but spread to the ear. If your colleague has had his complaint checked with an ENT specialist and no significant abnormalities are found, then it could be that the pain he feels arises due to other causes, for example:

Jaw joint disorders, which can be caused by dislocation (joint displacement), inflammation (for example due to rheumatoid arthritis)
Disorders of the teeth and mouth, such as gingivitis (inflammation of the gums), cavities (caries), periodintitis (inflammation of the tissue that supports the teeth)
Disorders of the throat, for example due to inflammation (tonsillopharyngitis), ingress of foreign objects (for example pricking food spines)

Migraine (primary headache)
Psychosomatic disorders, and so on

If the complaint has been treated but it still does not get better until now, then we suggest that you invite your colleague to check his complaint again with the doctor. The doctor will do a thorough examination, including the ear area. It is also necessary to detect possible causes of ear pain that may not have been found on previous examinations, for example due to otitis media (inflammation of the middle ear), otitis externa (inflammation of the outer ear), cholesteatoma (hardened epithelial cyst that often sticks to the eardrum) , tinnitus (ringing in the ears), and so on. It is also possible that your colleague will be referred to the right specialist doctor for further treatment, for example an ENT specialist, neurologist, internal medicine, or psychiatrist.

In the meantime, help your colleague deal with their complaints in the following ways:

Remind him to take the medicine according to the doctor's advice
Ask him to live in a comfortable environment, away from noise
Not using hands free for a while (for example to listen to music)
Nor do you dig your ears too deeply
Maintain good oral and dental hygiene
Not getting used to cracking the jaw
Chew food evenly on the right and left teeth (to prevent shifting of the jaw joint)
Get regular sleep
Do not take drugs carelessly

Hope this helps ..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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