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.. My mother was 64 years old, yesterday I had to clean the ears with cotton but because of itching … but then now her ears hurt and discharge, her head dizzy and hearing loss

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Complaints of ear pain accompanied by discharge can be caused by many possibilities, including:

 Bacterial or viral infections, such as acute muscular media, chronic suppurative otitis media, etc. Trauma, for example, because it is scraping the ears too tightly with cotton can otitis externa, due to prolonged soaking in water. A complete examination needs to be done to determine the exact cause. Medical interviews, complete physical examination (including ENT), as well as additional examinations (radiology, tympanometry, audiometry, etc.). Once the exact cause is known, treatment will also be more directed.

For now you can do at home:

 Do not pry ears that are experiencing complaints Compress the painful ear section Do not exhale too strong Do not carelessly use ear drops without a doctor's prescription Use Paracetamol as a pain reliever If the discharge comes out with bleeding, there is a decrease in hearing, and pain that persists for more than five days immediately see an ENT doctor for further treatment.

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