Illustration of Eardrops
Illustration: Eardrops

Doctor, I use sagestam which I bought at the pharmacy for ear drops because my ears have been blocked for 3 days. Initially a very itchy feeling some time then buzzing and stuffy accompanied by headaches. A year ago I had a perforated eardrum due to an infection. But it’s recovered. Does it have an impact for now if I use Sagestam ear drops? I’ve used it 3 times, and I’m currently stopping it. Please enlighten me.

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Hello Desi,

Thank you for the question.

Ears that are like blocked, itchy, buzzing, causing headaches are likely to indicate that your ears are inflamed, can be limited on the outside (otitis externa), can also reach the middle (otitis media). Referring to your description of having experienced a hole in the eardrum due to infection, this is also likely to trigger your complaint at this time. As is known, the eardrum is important in limiting the outer and middle ear. If the eardrum is hollow, infection from the external ear can easily enter the middle ear and cause more difficult disease to cure. In adults, a large enough hole in the eardrum is almost impossible to blend together without surgery. So, even if you feel healed, it is not certain that the hole in your eardrum closes completely if it has not been operated on. And if your eardrums are still hollow, infection and inflammation in your ears can continue to recur.

Our advice, you should not use drugs to treat your complaints carelessly, especially those that do not include over-the-counter drugs such as Gentamicin (contained in Sagestam). Concerned, improper use of antiboots can trigger serious side effects, even can also cause resistance in the future.

Safer, first resolve your complaint by:

Take paracetamol to reduce headaches
Do not pry ears that are itchy and blocked with any tool, including cotton buds
Do not drip water or any medicine into the ear
Keep the ears clean and dry
If you experience inflammation of the airways (usually characterized by coughing, runny nose, fever, or sore throat), treat them properly so as not to drag on
Get more rest and live a healthy lifestyle

However, if the headache feels very unbearable, or appears high fever more than 3 days, a lot of abnormal discharge from the ear, as well as significant hearing loss, it is better to check yourself directly to the doctor or ENT doctor so that it is handled properly according the cause.

Hope this helps ...

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