Illustration of EARLING EARS
Illustration: EARLING EARS

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Maybe what you mean is anterior auricular muscle or anterior auricular muscle. Some factors can contribute to the onset of pain in the muscles, including myofacial pain syndrome, mechanical trauma, inflammation, occlusion or blockage of local small blood vessels, muscle spasms, degenerative diseases, fibromyalgia or tumors. Sometimes psychological factors, and smoking habits also play a role in this condition.

Myofacial pain syndrome is generally caused by the presence of several trigger points or contraction knots on the affected muscle. At these points, there are muscle contractions in the affected muscle fibers, without interspersed with periods of relaxation. It is not yet known with certainty the underlying mechanism, it is thought this might occur due to the excessive production of acetyl choline.

As a result of continuous muscle contraction at these points, there is a pressure or compression on the intramuscular local blood flow, which causes disruption of the local blood supply and accumulation of substances responsible for pain production. Pain nerve fibers, nociceptors in the area will respond to these substances and send pain signals to the neuromuscular junction. On palpation, sometimes small nodules are associated with contraction knots. For the record, myofacial pain can also be referred to referred pain.

While in inflammation, arachidonic acid metabolism products are produced, especially in the cyclo-oxygenation pathway, which plays a role in pain. Inflammation can occur due to local injury, which stimulates the recruitment of white blood cells to the stimulus of injury. White blood cells, both polymorphonuclear and mononuclear leukocytes are responsible for acute and chronic inflammatory (inflammatory) reactions. In inflammation, in addition to finding pain there is also swelling and heat on touch.

For a definite diagnosis there is a need for a medical interview and physical examination by a doctor. In addition, there are sometimes necessary investigations to support a definitive diagnosis and rule out a differential diagnosis. However, given the appeal of physical distancing by the government in connection with efforts to break the chain of distribution of COVID-19, it is best if you continue to rest and treat yourself at home. But if you need further medical help, you can make an appointment online with a neurologist first.

For handling at home, avoid doing heavy activities or triggering stress, adequate rest, consume foods with a balanced nutritional pattern, especially those that are low in calories but high in fiber and rich in antioxidants. Avoid cigarettes or alcoholic drinks, on the contrary, drink lots of water. To deal with pain, paracetamol can be consumed. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs should be taken only by prescription from a doctor, considering the side effects that can be caused. In myofacial pain, sometimes gentle massages or light massage can help. Can also be compressed on the area that is experiencing pain.

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