Early Signs And Symptoms Of Alzheimer’s?

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Hello, I am Windi. I want to ask, I have a brother lately he often forgets everything, be it people or events. Last week he dropped due to fatigue and was hospitalized, thank God 2 days ago he was able to go home and rest at home, currently he is doing therapy with ice cube media, now seeing his development physically he is healthy, and can do activities like ordinary, but still a little lacking in memory, and rarely spoke as usual. When asked to talk or joke to help remember occasionally he laughs and answers like he remembers it. But if he is not spoken to, he tends to be silent and does not say much as usual. Does that include the characteristics of alzhaimer’s? And is there a way or medicine to restore it to its original state? Thanks.

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Hello, windi blessings, thank you for asking HealthReplies.com.

Alzheimer's is characterized as a disorder in the brain that causes slowdowns in thinking and speaking, memory loss, and gradual changes in behavior. Even if your sibling has things like Alzheimer's features, the diagnosis of Alzheimer's cannot be made with just a brief description. To diagnose a disease requires direct consultation, physical examination, and supporting examinations by a doctor. In addition, it is necessary to check the mental status of the patient if the results of the consultation and physical examination do not reveal any physical abnormalities. Possibilities other than Alzheimer's that may cause memory loss and behavior change (so talk less and tend to be silent) are:

1. Physical disorders: disturbances in certain parts of the brain, such as collisions, tumors, strokes, etc.

2. The effect of certain drugs.

3. Depressive symptoms.

4. Are experiencing psychological stress.

Treatment is adjusted according to the cause. So, my suggestion is to keep talking to him and stimulating him with past memories, doing things he likes to do together, and if necessary, consult a doctor. If you notice any symptoms that occur to him such as: hallucinations (the sensation of seeing / hearing / feeling something that is not really there), waham (belief in something that is not real), strange behavior, decreased awareness, too sad, having the desire to end his life, and seizures, consult a doctor immediately.

That's all, hopefully it's useful.

Greetings, dr. Sarah Rizqia.

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