Early Signs And Symptoms Of DHF?

Illustration of Early Signs And Symptoms Of DHF?
Illustration: Early Signs And Symptoms Of DHF? cdc.gov

morning, my mother breastfeeding a baby 9 mth, from monday feel a sore throat to swallow, body aches, nausea, vomiting, every time food enters out until night so continues even though it has mnm nausea and abdominal pain relievers, chapters also go back and forth and even release themselves (sorry) until the second day it was still like that. fever, blood pressure is still normal, on the second day the doctor controls lg blood pressure check 90/60 and fever rises 39.4’c only prescribed medication but many are not advised to check blood .. on the third day, fever has started to fall and sweat, I feel itching and there are patches in the hands of the palms and body but do not arise, only red in the feet feels tingling for the path of pain, and there are a little out of the morning, the night was like a menstrual bleeding and until this morning is still coming out … please explain, is it I have dengue fever and have to check blood to make sure …

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DHF (dengue hemorrhagic fever) is an infectious disease caused by dengue virus. The virus enters the human body through the bite of the Aedes aegypti mosquito. Adult mosquitoes live on clothes hangers and lay eggs in puddles that are not groundwater.
Someone who has this disease will experience a high fever that appears suddenly. Accompanied by joint pain and pain behind the eyeball. On the third day the fever goes down, but the condition will be weaker than before. On this day also will appear red spots that do not disappear with emphasis. Can also be accompanied by bruising, nosebleeds, bleeding gums, vomiting blood and black stools such as hair. In women, menstruation can be accompanied earlier than they should. Today is a critical phase, where platelets or blood clots have decreased dramatically.
You may have a dengue virus bacterial infection. You should consult with an internist. The doctor will conduct a medical question and answer and a related physical examination. If needed the doctor will ask you to do a routine blood laboratory examination. You can ask this with the treating doctor. In DHF, platelets will be obtained below normal and an increase in hematocrit values.
This disease is dangerous and can even be deadly. For that, you should do prevention by doing 3M plus movements. Regarding this movement, you can read more here.
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