Early Signs Of HIV?

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Afternoon, I am 28 years old, r nsy, I want to experience a lot of fatigue, body aches, especially the waist and knees, sometimes it hurts but doesn’t have a fever, when I have a dandruff like fungus … is this HIV well so many there is something I experienced … remembering that my husband had less than twice the place at that time …

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Hello Irma, Thank you for the question.

HIV infection in the body does not cause specific symptoms at an early stage. Symptoms that usually appear are similar to flu symptoms. These symptoms can occur repeatedly and some can last for several weeks. Then, symptoms of infection do not appear for several years (latent infection). At this stage usually HIV can continue to develop and attack the body's immunity. But there are also some patients who experience symptoms in this latent stage in the form of symptoms of fever, night sweats, weight loss, diarrhea, swollen lymph nodes, headaches, and fatigue. To determine whether you are infected or not, of course, further testing is needed by a doctor. Please consult with your doctor by taking part in voluntary counseling and testing (VCT). After that, the doctor will usually recommend a blood test to make sure.

Complaints easily tired accompanied by joint pain can be caused by various health conditions such as anemia, thyroid hormone disorders, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, and others. On the other hand, dandruff can also be caused by various medical conditions such as seborrheic dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, fungal infections, and others. To ascertain the cause of your complaint, please see your doctor first.

Please keep your health by increasing rest, increasing consumption of nutritious foods, consuming at least 2 liters of water, exercising regularly, and avoiding smoking. Maintain cleanliness of your hair by washing your hair regularly by using a shampoo with a gentle content. Avoid the use of chemicals in the hair (for example, hair dye).

Hopefully this information is useful.

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