Early Signs Of Miscarriage?

Illustration of Early Signs Of Miscarriage?
Illustration: Early Signs Of Miscarriage? Bing

Can you miscarry before your period comes? Is the miscarriage spontaneous blood or can it be spotting for 3 days before menstruation? I always have spotting when I menstruate. Thanks

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Hello Jeje

If a woman is pregnant, the woman will not experience menstruation, the presence of spots can be influenced by various factors, ranging from fatigue, the effects of family planning drugs, or as a marker of pregnancy (fetal implantation).

If in doubt that you are pregnant or not, it is recommended to do a pregnancy test first, for example by using a pregnancy test pack that can be obtained at the pharmacy. The results obtained with a pregnancy test pack are usually quite accurate in describing the occurrence of pregnancy.

If you are not pregnant, then of course a miscarriage cannot occur, right, and even if it turns out that a positive pregnancy result with spots does not necessarily indicate a miscarriage, because these spots may be a sign that the pregnancy has entered a further stage of development.

If you are still in doubt, it would be better if the woman checked herself to a gynecologist so that further medical evaluation could be carried out regarding the complaint of the spots. That way the doctor can provide treatment or treatment according to his current situation.

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