Early Stage Hemorrhoid Healing Period?

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Around the rectum and anus are many blood vessels. Swelling of the veins in this area is known as hemorrhoids (hemorrhoids). This condition can be classified into several degrees. If you often experience bloody bowel movements and lumps in the anus that can spontaneously re-enter, it means that your hemorrhoids are a mild condition, ranging from grade II. Not only that, hemorrhoids also often make sufferers feel uncomfortable sensations around the anus, can be pain, prop, heat, itching, and so on.

Hemorrhoids appear as a result of being triggered by increased pressure around the anus and rectum. This condition is prone to occur if you often experience constipation, sit too much, chronic diarrhea, are overweight or obese, are pregnant, have frequent anal sex, or are also frequently engaged in activities that cause excessive pushing. In severe conditions, hemorrhoids that are not properly treated can lead to excessive bleeding, making the sufferer at risk of anemia. Not only that, hemorrhoids can also be strangular (twisted or pinched in the anus) so that blood flow becomes obstructed and there is a very dangerous tissue death.

Handling of hemorrhoids can be done through several therapeutic modalities, adjusted to the degree and also the complaints that arise. For second-degree hemorrhoids like you, doctors often prescribe the drug Ardium, which contains a purified micron flavonoid fraction. It is not clear how this drug works in treating hemorrhoids. However, many studies suggest that using this drug can help minimize the inflammation and bleeding that occurs due to hemorrhoids. There is no set rule for how long it generally takes for a lump in the anus to go away after using this drug. However, with proper treatment and handling, hemorrhoids will generally no longer become inflamed and bleed after taking this drug for 1 to 3 days. So, even if your lump still appears, as long as there is no longer any bleeding, swelling, pain, stinging, or other discomfort around your anus, it is likely that your condition is no longer dangerous. You can consult this directly with the doctor or surgeon who examined you.

There are also several other types of drugs that can be given to treat the symptoms of hemorrhoids, such as anti-pain or anti-inflammatory drugs. Apart from drugs, hemorrhoids can also be treated in the following ways:

Lifestyle changes, namely through the consumption of high-fiber foods (especially vegetables, fruit, and nuts), drinking 2 to 3 liters of water per day, reducing straining, maintaining ideal body weight, keeping the area around the anus clean, soaking in warm water when hemorrhoids inflammation, not having anal sex, not sitting too long) External hemorrhoid thrombectomy Minimally invasive procedures, for example: Rubber band ligation Coagulation sclerotherapy (laser, infrared) Surgery, for example: Hemorrhoidectomy Hemorrhoid stapling Consult your doctor directly regarding the best treatment can be done to resolve your complaints.

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