Ears Feel Like Stuffiness?

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Good afternoon, yesterday I just came to tht for a suction of the right ear and why my left ear which was not why why is it a little unable to hear like a pengang or can it disappear?

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The ears feel stiff, like being blocked, ringing, and accompanied by hearing loss can occur due to several things, including:

Cerumen obturans / prop, is a blockage in the external ear due to accumulation of hardened earwax
Eustachian tube blockage. This channel is a channel that connects the ear to the back of the nasal cavity (nasopharynx), and blockages can be caused by mucus, which often occurs during colds or flu, or can also be caused by inflammation of the surrounding tissue. In addition, certain conditions such as changes in air pressure (at altitude / aircraft) can also cause the channel to be closed.

Otitis externa, an infection or inflammation of the external ear, can be caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi, or injuries due to mechanical trauma
Acoustic trauma, due to exposure to sound that is too loud for a long time

In the anatomical structure, there are no specific channels or structures that connect directly between the right ear and the left ear, so the actions carried out in one ear will not affect the other ear. Therefore, the possibility of things happening to your left ear is different from your right ear.

There are several conditions where the symptoms can improve on their own, but in other conditions require certain treatment. If your condition does not improve within a few days, I recommend that you re-check your ear to an ENT specialist, so that a more complete examination and also appropriate treatment. Some things you can do right now are:

Maintain a healthy body condition to stay fit, with adequate rest
Consuming nutritious foods and drinking enough water
Performs valsalva maneuver, by trying to blow air out, but while covering the nose with a finger, and also closing the mouth. This technique can help to open the eustachian tube, but don't overdo it / too hard, because it can cause an eardrum rupture. Salivating can also have a similar effect.
Avoid cleaning the ears with cotton buds, safety pins, toothpicks, or other tools because they can cause injury, inflammation, and infection.
Avoid using earphones with volume that is too loud, for a long time

So, hopefully you can help.

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