Ears Hurt After Cleaning?

Illustration of Ears Hurt After Cleaning?
Illustration: Ears Hurt After Cleaning? Bing

Yesterday my ears were itchy and at night I cleaned them with a katembat, then the second day it was itchy again until the third day I cleaned it, then on the 4th day it was itching again I cleaned it with my hands, why did my left ear hurt, until the nerves in my mouth also hurt, making it hard to eat . The next time it was broken again, until my left brain felt like it was being stabbed, my body was hot, it was difficult to sleep…r At least I couldn’t feel my brain really hurt..rnThen how do I treat it

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Hello Shenkuny

The complaints you feel can be due to several possibilities such as:

Bacterial infection of the outer ear Injury to the ear Fungal infection of the outer ear, and others

Bacterial infections of the outer ear can cause inflammation and ulcers that can cause pain. Injury to the ear can also cause pain, where the injury can occur on the outside to the eardrum. In fungal infections, usually accompanied by itching.

It's a good idea to check with your doctor. The doctor will examine your ear directly. Without doing so, your condition cannot be determined. The doctor will give you medicine according to your condition.

What you can do in the meantime:

Avoid ear plugs Avoid using drugs outside the doctor's advice

I hope this helps.

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