Ears Vibrate Every Time You Hear A Loud Noise And When Touched

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Good morning, I am 20 years old, I want to ask at the same time submit a complaint regarding the condition of my ears. So initially in December, both my ears were limited to hard of hearing and fullness, had been to an ENT specialist and the doctor said only because of the accumulation of dirt, not because nerves or whatever, it was cleaned and was normal again at that time. At the end of last year (2-3 weeks after cleaning) my ears heard the sound of my little sister’s screams that were exactly 1 meter away from me, her voice was so loud that it felt it shook, the scream was heard 3 – 4 x at that time I just felt shocked and a little dizzy. And 1 week ago how come like something is wrong in my right ear (but the left one is no problem) every time I hear a pretty loud voice, like there the sound of “crackle crackle” that appears, every time I touch my ear there is always a sound that vibrate and hiss (not by gung) I’m also confused how to explain it. Every time I sound a little loud is also heard “crackle crackle ” it..Then the state of my ears increasingly uncomfortable, every time I scratch or even just touch the right side of my head (whether it’s cheeks, head, forehead and jaw right side) surely my ears came out like a vibration .. like “greget greget ” so … there was a slight ache around the right forehead, it felt like sensitive once touched my right ear.I decided to go to the ENT specialist again and convey all the complaint, the doctor said the inside of my right ear was just blushing, the doctor prescribed swallowing drugs and drops, about the vibrations of “greget greget” and the sound of “crackle crackle” that I felt it would disappear when the inside of my ear was already no reddening anymore..Now the aching and aching that I feel in my ears has disappeared, but until now the vibration, the sound of “crackle crackle” every time I hear a loud noise that does not go away ejak 3 months ago … It feels very disturbing and uncomfortable .. especially at home my sister every day often screaming, while I protect my ears with ear plug / silencer. I wonder why only my right ear is symptomatic .. even though loud voice from the scream was heard clearly in both my ears. Please how can my ears return to normal? Sorry if I complain so much, but that’s all I feel now, I beg for your help. Oh yes for my hearing is still normal like before being exposed to these symptoms. Thank you.

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Hello Restu, thank you for asking at HealthReplies.com.

Additional voice complaints or in medical terms called tinnitus, can indeed occur in one or both ears and is only a symptom because of damage to the hair cells in the ear that can be caused by several possible conditions such as:

Middle ear infection
Accumulation of earwax
Exposure to ear noise will occur continuously
Exposure to loud noise suddenly at close range
High blood pressure
High cholesterol level
Head or neck injury
Muscle tension around the ear

Because your complaint has been felt for more than 3 months and has not improved, it is highly recommended to check your complaint back to the ENT specialist for re-evaluation. However, due to the current outbreak of Corona virus infection, your direct examination to an ENT specialist is recommended to be postponed until the situation has improved because your complaint is not an emergency. As an alternative, you can consult using the specialist doctor chat feature on the HealthReplies.com application to consult further with an ENT specialist

In the meantime, there are several things you can do at home to reduce complaints such as:

Avoiding noise or loud noise exposure by moving away from the source of the sound or covering the ears with your ear protectors when there are these sounds
Relaxing yourself and avoiding stress
Avoid listening to music in a loud voice
Limiting consumption of foods high in salt and fat
Increase vegetable and fruit intake
Doing exercise regularly
Avoiding injury to the head or neck area
Avoid the effort to clean your own ears
Avoiding the consumption or use of ear drops carelessly without clear advice from a doctor

I hope this helps.

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