Earwax Is Black And Yellowish In Color?

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, I want to ask the left ear is black and the right is yellow. What’s a sign? And how to cure bleeding gums because every time I eat it bleeds and smells bad. What causes bad breath?

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Earwax (cerumen) is produced from glandular cells that line the walls of the outer ear canal. This earwax is useful for maintaining moisture in the ear canal while preventing the entry of harmful foreign particles into the deeper ear. Normally, earwax is yellow-brown in color and doesn't add up to so much that it drains out of the ear.

As for ear wax that is blackish or yellowish in color, it can be a normal condition as long as it doesn't come out in excessive amounts. This color of earwax can occur due to hardened or oxidized by free air. However, if this discharge appears in large quantities, smells bad, or is accompanied by other complaints, such as itching, pain, or hearing loss, then this condition may indicate an infection or inflammation of the ear, which can be limited to the outer ear ( otitis externa) can also be in the middle (otitis media).

You can have this condition checked directly to a doctor or ENT specialist. Usually, to deal with complaints like this, the doctor can give you special ear drops, or also perform cerumen extraction so that your ears are cleaner. Avoid the habit of over-scratching the ear with any tools (including cotton or cotton buds) and always keep your ears dry to avoid the risk of infection and inflammation.

Bleeding gums that have a bad odor are likely due to the following factors:

Tooth tartar cavities Oral infections, for example due to fungi, bacteria tooth abscess or gum scorbut (vitamin C deficiency) Side effects of cancer drugs (eg blood cancer), etc. You can see from our explanation above, problems with your gums and mouth can occur purely related to disorders of the gums, teeth, and mouth, but can also result from the impact of systemic abnormalities. To identify it, you should get checked directly to the nearest dentist. It is enough with direct inspection, doctors generally already know the best treatment steps to take. In some cases, the doctor may also direct you to undergo an x-ray examination or blood test before giving treatment.

In the meantime, you can first do the following:

Be diligent in brushing your teeth, choose a soft-bristled toothbrush, don't brush your teeth too hard Gargle with antiseptic mouthwash or salt water Do not prick your teeth and gums (for example, to clean stuck food debris) Reduce consumption of foods that are too hard to avoid injuring them. gums Eat more foods rich in vitamin C, vitamin K, and other sources of nutrition. Drink lots of water. Don't smoke or consume alcohol. Hope it helps.

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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