Easily Angry But Easily Happy Accompanied By Excessive Anxiety?

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Illustration: Easily Angry But Easily Happy Accompanied By Excessive Anxiety? apa.org

I want to ask, I just read about mental illness, I am experiencing it I have anxiety people will hurt me, I feel alone even though many people around me but I feel they can not understand me and I get angry easily and easily What do you think my doctor should do?

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Hello Aderianaputri,

Thank you for the question.

Mental disorders (mental illness) there are many types and symptoms. Ideally, to detect psychiatric disorders, it is not enough just to guess through online consultations like this. First, you need to check with your doctor or psychiatrist to make sure.

Your anxious condition, as if people have a bad plan to hurt you, feel misunderstood by people around you, often feel alone, get angry easily, but are also easily happy, can be included in psychiatric disorders, can or not . Some psychiatric disorders that can have clinical symptoms such as bipolar disorder, delusional disorders, anxiety disorders, personality disorders, schizoaffective disorders, schizophrenia, and so on. Usually, this condition should be watched for a psychiatric disorder if the intensity is already very disturbing, making your activities and functions decrease dramatically, or to make relatives and other people around you feel uncomfortable. If this is not your condition, and you are still aware that this is wrong and needs to be addressed, then this could be natural because of a temporary mood disorder.

Try to do the following steps to resolve your complaint:

 Change your mindset so that it is always positive towards others, yourself, and the destiny that Than created for you Rest assured, each person has his own life test, so that no one really focuses on thinking about your life, especially to have bad intentions towards you Think of everything that happens in your life, including the people around you, as God's plan to shape your personal better Discipline to live a healthy lifestyle, including by sleeping and waking more regularly, eating sufficiently but regularly, don't smoke, exercise every day, stay away from alcohol Relax your mind and heart, take time to channel your hobbies, take a vacation with family, persevere to worship, multiply meditation Diligent self-introspection, always correct your mistakes, don't just blame others Create your own standards of success, don't fixated on the judgment of others Control yourself, do not be too sad when overwritten by a problem, however n Don't be too happy when you are blessed with God. Because it could be, the problems and favors are actually part of God's test on you. If you have worked hard to go through the steps above, but your condition is not yet felt better, we recommend that you consult yourself directly to the doctor or psychiatrist for further treatment. Later, the doctor may be educating, counseling, giving you medicine, psychotherapy, or other therapeutic modalities.

I hope this helps.

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