Easily Sleepy, Difficult To Concentrate When Talking, And Easy To Forget?

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I have symptoms of lack of concentration sometimes I talk back and forth and quickly like uncontrolled and often drowsy during the day and often forget … is this a serious illness and requires medical care and also must be therapy …?

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Hi Cimoliy,

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Easily drowsy, difficulty concentrating when speaking, and also easy to forget can arise due to metabolic disorders, psychological disorders, disorders of the nervous system, or other organ systems. Although it seems heavy, in fact this condition is often not dangerous and can be handled with a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Need to clarify beforehand, how old are you now? How long have you had this complaint? Have you had a previous head injury? Have you had any problems lately?

A person's memory and concentration are influenced by many factors. One of the most important things is someone's interest in the topic or activity at hand. It could be that you become forgetful, easily sleepy, and have difficulty concentrating as a result of disliking the activity you are currently doing or the topic being discussed. If this is the case, of course this condition is not dangerous.

It could also be difficulty concentrating, difficulty remembering, and also easily drowsy as you experience due to other factors, for example:

Lack or excess of sleep
Metabolic disorders, eg hypoglycemia, hyponatremia

Anemia (low blood hemoglobin)
Dehydration (lack of fluids)
Drug abuse
Excessive alcohol consumption
Psychological stress, for example when you are experiencing depression, anxiety, excessive fear
Hormonal changes, for example when approaching menstruation
Central nervous system disorders, for example due to stroke, meningitis, encephalitis, head injuries, brain tumors, degenerative diseases (for example Alzheimer's), and so on

As mentioned above, most complaints as you are experiencing are not based on dangerous conditions. You need to be vigilant if the complaints you experience are so disturbing that they cause a significant decrease in your self-function, including in matters of work, education, interpersonal relationships, and other aspects of life.

If this condition is what you are experiencing, there's nothing wrong with seeing your doctor immediately. With a thorough examination, doctors can generally distinguish which conditions are still considered reasonable, and which ones require further management. Depending on the suspicion of the disease later, several supporting tests, for example laboratory tests, X-rays, CT scans, MRI, mental status checks, etc. may also be performed by the doctor.

At this time, you can first do the following steps:

Note the schedule of your daily activities, cultivate discipline in adhering to the schedule
Live your days regularly, whether you wake up, sleep, eat, study, exercise, and so on
Stay away from cigarettes, alcohol, especially drugs
Love the activities that you do everyday
Choose good associates who will help you develop yourself into a more successful person
Take time to relax, meditate, take a vacation, do hobbies
If there is a problem you experience, find a solution, don't think it too complicated
Activate yourself in a variety of activities, especially those that require you to interact with other people around you

Hope it helps ..

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