Easily Tired To Pain After Appendicitis Surgery?

, I want to ask. So 4 months ago I had an appendectomy. But after my appendix surgery my immune system became weak. The stomach becomes more sensitive, if after eating often feels mules, stomach acid is often recurrent, easily tired and often migraine. My stitches still hurt sometimes. Is that reasonable?

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Appendectomy (appendectomy) is performed to treat inflammation of the appendix (appendicitis). As long as it is carried out by competent medical personnel, this operation actually rarely leaves serious complications. This operation also does not affect the immune system that you are worried about. But indeed, after surgery, you can feel pain that often recurs in your former surgery. This naturally occurs due to the formation of scar tissue that replaces the surgical wound, which is less elastic so it is less able to accommodate excessive movement around the abdominal area.

Stomachs that are more prone to heartburn and increased stomach acid can be caused by a variety of factors, including due to unhealthy eating patterns, side effects of certain drug consumption, hormonal fluctuations, psychological stress, to the result of certain organic disorders, such as gastritis, peptic ulcers, gastroenteritis, inflammation of the intestine, irritable bowel syndrome, and so on. It may be that the history of appendicitis that you are suffering from and the appendectomy that you have had previously aggravated this condition, but this should not be the only factor.

Your condition that is easily tired and prone to having migraines is not directly related to the history of the disease that you suffered from surgery before. Easily tired often due to lack of exercise, irregular sleep patterns, unhealthy eating patterns, stress, chronic illness, hormonal imbalances, heart problems, or various other medical disorders. Meanwhile, migraine, can be triggered by lack of sleep, uncomfortable environmental conditions, excessive consumption of caffeine or alcohol, hormonal fluctuations, consumption of certain foods or drugs, physical or psychological stress, and so on.

To be clear as to what the right treatment to do so that your condition improves, you should consult a doctor directly at the nearest health facility, yes. Doctors can certainly give you the best management so that you can get back to your activities well without significant obstacles.

At home, you can make the following efforts:

Live a healthy diet Eat regularly, small portions but often Do not eat foods that are not hygienic processed Not excessive eating spicy, sour, gassed foods Not excessive drinking caffeinated, fizzy drinks Expand drinking water Stay away from alcohol Do not stress or fatigue Sleep more disciplined Do not stay up late. Compress abdominal painful surgery with warm water. Routine exercise. Hope it helps.

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