Easy Constipation And Diarrhea At The Same Time.?

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Afternoon, I want to ask. I often experience indigestion easily constipation and diarrhea at the same time. for my food consumption pattern is appropriate, and routinely eat fruit every morning. I had constipation last night until I was pushing and this morning I had diarrhea, which made my immune system weak. or I have a problem with my internal organs, especially in the digestive system because it is very sensitive. because among my other friends, I’m one of those who apply healthylife on a daily basis. thank you

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Said to be constipated or constipated, if someone defecated less than 3 times a week. Meanwhile, if bowel movements are more than 3 times a day it is called diarrhea. The frequency of normal bowel movements in each person is very varied.
If what you experience is included in the criteria for Constipation and diarrhea medically, then you need to pay attention to the following points, namely:
1. What about the amount of your water intake every day, is it at least 2 L a day? You also need to know, that if you are sick or exercising then you must increase more than that amount.
2. Have you washed all the fruits that will be eaten? Use a different cutting board from the cutting board used for raw foods.
3. Has the food been processed and served hygienically? Hand washing should be done after every bathroom, before cooking and before eating. Cover every meal that is served.
4. Do you still consume food that is sold openly?
5. Apart from due to germ infection, diarrhea can also occur due to allergic reactions and irritation to food, such as eggs, shrimp, chili, coffee and others.
If you experience complaints of bowel movements accompanied by bloody or slimy bowel movements, you should immediately consult with an internist. In order to do further tests and appropriate treatment.
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