Easy To Forget And Can’t Remember What You’ve Just Learned?

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Excuse me dokGini, because I just worked at a bag shop I was finally taught by the employees there. But I always felt that what was taught didn’t enter my brain. And I always forget about the things that happen there, even though there aren’t many. Besides, my words always confuse other people.

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Hello, Thank you for the question.

Forgetting is a natural condition that can happen to anyone. Someone is easy to forget, especially if you are still in the new environment as you experience. When in a new environment, you have to learn new things, meet new people, live new habits, and more. Information in this new place is new information captured by the brain which will then be stored into short-term memory and then long-term. If you still forget at the beginning of work about the activities you have to do or forget about anything else, I think this is still within reasonable limits. Someone also is easier to forget if lack of sleep, fatigue, lack of nutrition, or lack of concentration. You can try making a small note or reminder on your mobile to help remind you. You can also do the same activity over and over again so that the brain forms long-term memory so you don't easily forget. Do not hesitate to ask your friends if you are still unclear with the information that was conveyed. Make sure you also get enough rest for 7-9 hours every day and always consume nutritious food regularly. However, if complaints are easy to forget this often occurs even people around you to be disturbed, then please consult a neurologist for further examination and treatment.

Hope this helps.

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