Easy To Forget, No Concentration And Stress?

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Morning .. r nI am EMA 30 years old I want to consult. I am a private worker. from the beginning of this year I often returned home because the work had to be finished on that day too. Very long like you have 9 ml, yes, 12 hours, which works every day. Lately I have been forgetful, only after 10 seconds, sometimes when asked something that was just told, I have forgotten. I have to take notes in a small note. often wrong in work .. Difficult to concentrate. When Sunday night I think of work the next day … Sunday mlm already feels crap. Thanks for working. I feel lost my time … When for family at home, my wife and friends. entertainment is not completely cure. Only has time off Sunday. Is this a natural thing? Am I experiencing stress? Or am I the one who doesn’t enjoy this? Explanation please. Thank you

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Hi Ema ... Thank you for the question.

Easy to forget and not concentrate can interfere with someone in their daily activities. Easy to forget is not always experienced by old age, can occur at any age. Easy to forget can be caused by several things, for example:

Sleep deprivation, both lack of rest or sleep that is not quality
Smoking and excessive coffee consumption
Take medications such as antidepressants, anti-anxiety drugs
Vitamin B12 deficiency
Psychic stress

While stress can be experienced by someone who is experiencing social, economic, environmental pressure, or because there are physical problems. Stress can be positive because it makes a person more alert, but if stress is not managed properly it can affect mood, activity, and physical condition. Stress can cause complaints such as muscle tension, headaches, eating disorders and digestive problems, being forgetful, increasing heart rate.

If you feel your workload is so heavy that it causes stress and causes physical complaints, your activity becomes disrupted due to lack of concentration, easy to forget, so it is better for you to see a doctor so that the doctor can do a direct physical examination and can be followed by other examinations such as blood checks, blood pressure check, to find out the cause of your complaint. While what you can do include:

Avoid smoking and caffeine consumption
Perform a healthy lifestyle, eat nutritious food
Regular exercise
Take a moment to take a vacation
Do your hobby

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