Easy To Panic And Often Emotional To Cry?

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I want to ask, did I experience childhood trauma or not. I easily panic, often feel guilty when I’m not wrong, easy to be afraid of other people especially if you don’t know, depressed if people talk loudly to me, if I see people / husband and wife fight physically or squeeze my mouth until I cry. I do not dare to get angry and even if angry with people often take it to cry. Indeed I am a broken home child and my parents used to fight.

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Hello, Atigmp, thank you for asking HealthReplies.com.

Psychological trauma is a condition in which a person experiences sadness, hitting, losing, or things that disturb the mind due to a certain event. A history of having a family that is not harmonious and often quarreling can also make a person experience psychological trauma.

The reaction of each person in dealing with psychological trauma can be different. Sad at the beginning is a very natural thing, but it should not be protracted grief to disrupt social life, work, and happiness.

Some people are prone to experience mental / mental disorders after experiencing psychological trauma, for example experiencing anxiety, depression, to PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). You experience this, it could have been caused by anxiety, depression, or your personality was formed as such since childhood. To find out more, it helps you see a doctor or psychiatrist because more information is needed to find out the cause of your current condition. Your doctor or psychiatrist will also provide a solution that suits your condition. Immediately to the doctor if this is very disturbing peace of mind, disrupt work productivity, and disrupt social life.

Some of these things you can do to help improve the condition:

1. Relax your anger / sadness by telling stories with people you trust. If you can't tell a story, you can write a diary to overflow it.

2. Regular meditation and relaxation for a healthier mind

3. Exercise regularly for physical and mental health

4. Change your mindset about your anxiety. Never feel afraid if you are right. Avoid yourself from things that make you sad or you don't like.

5. Surround yourself with the environment and positive people.

6. Do hobbies or things that you like.

Here is a HealthReplies.com article about psychological trauma and how to handle it, please read to add information.

That's all, hopefully it's useful.


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