Easy To Sweat After A Thigh Bone Surgery In A Child?

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Excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) after surgery performed under anesthesia can occur. This is due to anesthetic substances which also have an effect on the hypothalamus, which is an area in the brain that functions to regulate body temperature. In some people, this condition can last for weeks after surgery and will decrease over time. Apart from normal conditions due to anesthesia, other possible causes of excessive night sweating that also need to be considered include:

excessive sweating due to consumption of certain drugs or supplements, such as paracetamol as an over-the-counter anti-pain medication, and certain types of antibiotics. The child has a tissue infection or surgery wound, especially if your child also has the following: Painful fever in the area that has been broken or an area that has been operated on. discharge from other infectious surgical scars, such as tuberculosis, typhus infections, etc. thyroid disorders Anxiety disorders that make children become restless, frightened, resulting in excessive sweating, etc.

Meanwhile, regarding swollen and painful knees can be caused by the following things:

history of injury to the knee, for example due to falls, collisions, sudden circular movements of infections in the joints by bacteria, viruses, or fungi (septic arthritis) joint inflammation etc.

We cannot ascertain whether what is experienced by your child is dangerous / improper or reasonable / not without conducting a direct examination. We recommend that you check your child back to the Orthopedic specialist who treats your child to find out the cause of the complaints that your child is experiencing and ensure that there is no infection in the surgical wound or knee joint. The doctor will do a direct physical examination, and if needed the doctor will suggest additional examinations, such as blood lab tests, re-x-rays, MRI, etc.

While waiting for a doctor's appointment, it is recommended that your child get plenty of rest and minimize knee movement. In addition you can help compress the child's knee using cold compresses (using ice wrapped with cloth) to help relieve pain and swelling. Give a cushion under the knee when the child is lying down, so that the foot position is slightly higher so that it is expected to reduce the swelling that occurs.

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