Easy To Thirst Accompanied By Frequent Urination And Weight Loss?

Illustration of Easy To Thirst Accompanied By Frequent Urination And Weight Loss?
Illustration: Easy To Thirst Accompanied By Frequent Urination And Weight Loss? diabetes.co.uk

Hello, I want to ask. Recently, my thirst rate has increased and urinating frequently, my body weight has also fallen by 5 kg, is that a symptom of illness? If yes, what disease? Please give an explanation. Thank you r nWassalamualaikum

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Good evening, thanks for the question

Symptoms of frequent drinking, frequent urination, frequent eating, and weight loss that is not clear cause is a typical symptom of diabetes mellitus or called diabetes.

Diabetes mellitus is a collection of symptoms characterized by high blood sugar levels due to interference with insulin action (insulin resistance) and insulin secretion or both.

In addition to these typical symptoms, other non-typical symptoms can be found such as:

1. Weak

2. Tingling (numbness at the extremities)

3. Itching

4. Eyes blurred

5. Erectile dysfunction in men

6. Itching on the pubic lips in women

7. Wounds that are difficult to heal

Risk factors for diabetes mellitus include:

1. Overweight and obesity (BMI ≥ 25 kg / m2)

2. Family history of DM disease

3. Having hypertension (BP ≥ 140/90 mmHg or currently in hypertension therapy)

4. History of giving birth to a baby with BBL> 4000 grams or have been diagnosed with DM in pregnancy

5. Women with a history of PCOS (polycistic ovary syndrome)

6. History of GDPT (impaired fasting blood glucose) / TGT (impaired glucose tolerance)

7. Lack of physical activity

The diagnosis is made based on typical and non-typical symptoms, physical examination and additions such as fasting blood sugar, blood sugar 2 hours post prandial, and urinalysis.

Treatment in the future if you have been diagnosed with diabetes not only with drugs to reduce blood sugar levels, but also with lifestyle modifications and physical exercise.

Modify the diet by replacing calorie intake with complex carbohydrates, reducing cholesterol and saturated fat in food, and increasing fiber. Daily physical activity and regular exercise (3-5 times a week for approximately 30-60 minutes at least 150 minutes / week of moderate intensity).

Consult with your doctor if you experience typical symptoms such as the above for physical examination and other additional examinations, and treatment plans according to the diagnosis.

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