Eat Half-cooked Free-range Chicken Eggs

Illustration of Eat Half-cooked Free-range Chicken Eggs
Illustration: Eat Half-cooked Free-range Chicken Eggs

Doc, I am 25 weeks pregnant, I have eaten half-cooked village eggs about 3 spoons, what should I do next doc … I’m worried .. My lower left abdomen feels stabbed and disappears

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Hi Yosni,

Thank you for the question.

When pregnant, you are advised to avoid consuming foods that are not perfectly cooked. Because, it is feared, in food that is not perfectly cooked, it still contains harmful bacteria that are vulnerable to infect your body, while also affecting the development of the fetus in your womb. Abdominal pain that you feel after consuming half-cooked eggs can occur due to digestive disorders that are influenced by egg consumption, for example due to digestive infections, poisoning, dyspepsia, and so on. However, abdominal pain can also arise due to other reasons, which are not always directly related to the consumption of half-cooked eggs, for example due to stones or urinary tract infections, peritonitis, muscle cramps, ovarian cysts, myoma, inflammation of the intestine, psychological disorders, skin infections post-injury, intestinal obstruction, and so on. False contractions during pregnancy can also cause abdominal pain.

To improve, you can first apply a warm compress to your painful stomach. Not only that, you also need to get more rest with your left foot slightly elevated, drink plenty of warm water, eat regularly small portions, don't eat foods that are not cooked or perfectly clean, wear loose and comfortable clothing, don't stress or excessive anxiety, and also do not like to hold back bowel movements.

If then there is an unbearable abdominal pain, or other more severe complaints, such as high fever, vomiting, diarrhea, spasms, spots, etc., do not hesitate to check yourself directly to the doctor or obstetrician. Through physical examination , or assisted with ultrasound, blood tests, urine tests, and stool tests, often the right treatment can be determined.

Hope this helps ...

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