Eating Patterns In Breast Cancer Sufferers?

Illustration of Eating Patterns In Breast Cancer Sufferers?
Illustration: Eating Patterns In Breast Cancer Sufferers?

Evening … I want to ask if people who have breast cancer should eat what it looks like? And is it possible that the offspring should also be vigilant and have to check routinely if yes, how many times in 1 year or month huh ?? Please answer and thank you …

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Hello Ela

When someone has breast cancer, the type of food consumed should require more attention. For example, it is advisable not to consume foods that have burnt parts (such as satay, and food that is burned / grilled, or foods that are burnt), reheated food (warming yesterday's food), and instant and ready-to-eat food products.

As for the choice of side dishes, vegetables, etc. are generally free but are expected to still meet the guidelines for balanced nutrition. So it is also recommended to reduce oily foods, foods that are too salty (containing a lot of salt), and foods that contain lots of high sugar levels (cakes, soft drinks, syrups, etc.).

Those in their biological family who have a history of breast cancer have a greater risk of experiencing the same thing than those in the family who have no history of breast cancer. So those whose parents have breast cancer are expected to be much more vigilant so that they can get prompt treatment sooner if they later experience the same thing.

Early detection of breast cancer can be done with breast self-examination techniques, namely breast examination independently (alone) by touching the breast in front of the mirror to feel the presence or absence of changes in the breast, such as palpable for lumps that did not exist before, or other changes (size, swelling, pain, etc.) BSE examination can be done at any time, can be in the shower, when in front of the mirror, or when lying down. But breast self-examination should be done every few days after the menstrual period ends, because sometimes changes in breast shape can be influenced by the menstrual cycle.

If the examination of breast self-examination is felt by a lump or suspicious change, then you are advised to consult a doctor so that further examination can be done.

For women who are older than 45 years, it is advisable to do a mammography examination (a special x-ray of the breast) regularly at least once a year and, but for those who are younger it is usually sufficient to be breast self-examination and ultrasound examination if there is suspicion or it could also a routine ultrasound examination is done every three years.

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