Illustration of Ecg?
Illustration: Ecg?

I want to ask . . Yesterday my chest felt a little painful and uncomfortable on the left. . I continued to see a doctor and performed an ecg test. And the doctor said it was seen from Ter ekg. There is a bit of a problem . But the doctor said it was still a tolerance limit. . That’s how we are. . Do I need a treadmill and other tests?

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Hello, parrot. Thank you for the question.

The pain in the chest, especially on the left is sometimes making me worry. Chest pain can come from many structures in the chest. Pain can be felt due to disorders of the skin, muscles in the chest area, bone system and chest joints, or organs in the chest cavity. If the pain is felt uncomfortable with movement or when breathing deeply, coughing, or sneezing, then the pain is most likely felt due to interference with the skin, muscles, or even the bones and joint systems. If the pain is not affected by movement, then it is possible that the disturbance comes from organs in the chest.

Organs that might cause chest pain are the lungs and the heart. In pulmonary disorders generally pain arises gradually (except if the pain is caused by trauma to the lung), often accompanied by a dry cough or phlegm and difficulty breathing, sometimes a wheezing sound while breathing. In heart problems, chest pain arises more suddenly, usually during activity, the pain worsens with increased activity and improves with rest, pain is felt like heavy chest, chest like crushed and spreads to the back, left arm, or neck. Chest pain due to heart problems are also often accompanied by shortness of breath, cold sweat, nausea, and even vomiting.

Chest pain due to heart problems, called angina pectoris, is divided into stable and unstable angina. In the stable form, pain attacks are generally felt to be repeated but the intensity and frequency of the pain does not get worse. Unstable angina usually feels heavier than stable form. Unstable type of angina can lead to a heart attack.

The doctor will do a physical examination, ECG, or if necessary X-ray and echocardiography. However, to interpret the results of the ECG can not only by description alone. ECG records must be read directly by a doctor before they can provide an assessment. If it is said that the ECG is still within the tolerance range then there may be a picture resembling cardiac ischemia (narrowing of the coronary arteries) but the results are not significant. Therefore doctors do not give alarm signals.

If you feel unsure, you can try to consult with a cardiologist. The doctor will suggest whether further testing should be done like a treadmill or not.

Thus my explanation, hopefully helped. Regards.

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