Illustration of Eczema?
Illustration: Eczema?

my son is 1 month old his cheeks are red and the surface is rough dry, is that eczema milk? Already to the doctor said the doctor was allergic because the food I consume is true? And many people say that can be treated with saliva smeared, is that true?

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Dry, rough red cheeks can be caused by several possible causes:

1. Eczema: reactions to the skin that usually occur in babies due to adjustments to temperature, air, light, food and so on which according to the baby is a new thing. Eczema is usually characterized by dry, rough, reddish skin.

2. Allergies: allergies to food consumed by the mother, dust, smoke and ambient temperature can cause allergic reactions in the baby's skin

3. Irritant contact dermatitis: irritation of the skin due to exposure to irritating substances such as detergents attached to the mother's clothes and then exposed to the baby's face, metals, cosmetic ingredients and so on.

To reduce complaints usually smeared with breast milk. However, you should immediately consult with a pediatrician in order to get clear information about the causes, diagnosis and treatment of your child's complaints.

Prevention can be done:

1. Finding out and avoiding things that trigger allergic reactions such as dust, cigarette smoke, seafood, eggs and so on that may be allergic children.

2. Using a gentle baby soap, oil and special lotion

3. Apply the cheek with breast milk

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