EEG Results

Illustration of EEG Results
Illustration: EEG Results

What does that mean, doc, results of states of severe cortical dysfunction in the temporal region of the left brain

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EEG examination is a supporting examination that looks at the condition of brain waves, this is usually used to see the activity of the brain. But this is a supplementary examination that will usually support existing symptoms and physical examination so you should consult the results you can with the doctor who gave a reference for the EEG examination.

In connection with these results, it is considered that there are disturbances in certain regions of the brain, especially at the edges where in that part, i.e.

Hearing function
Memory loss
Language ability

So if you experience this you should immediately consult your doctor again for apprehension appropriately. Especially if there are already symptoms that endure the day-to-day functioning

Thus information may be useful

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