Effect For The Fetus If The Mother Often Consumes Ice Cubes?

Illustration of Effect For The Fetus If The Mother Often Consumes Ice Cubes?
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Hello, is there any impact for mothers and prospective babies if during pregnancy very often chewing ice cubes, gestational age is 7 months, this is the first pregnancy and I often feel stomach cramps and waist pain even in the pit of the stomach. Thank you

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Hello Anglnwl__,

The desire to eat ice cubes continuously (such as cravings) during pregnancy can arise because:

Iron deficiency anemia during pregnancy Is characterized by hemoglobin levels lower than normal (<10 g / dl).

Nausea and vomiting during pregnancy causes dehydration so that pregnant women feel thirsty. By chewing on ice cubes the mother can satisfy the thirst without feeling nauseous like when drinking lots of water at once
Ice cubes have no taste so they don't trigger nausea
During pregnancy the mother will be more sensitive to hot air and an increase in basal body temperature, so the mother will prefer to eat ice cubes or drink cold drinks
The disorder is characterized by the desire to eat strange things including ice cubes, paper, soil, hair
Can arise due to iron deficiency anemia, malnutrition, and mental disorders

So there is no problem for snacking on ice cubes during pregnancy as long as it's not excessive. We recommend using ice cubes that are made at home with clean drinking water. Make ice cubes using a closed place to avoid bacterial contamination from the freezer when combined with meat and other food ingredients. It also doesn't hurt to check your blood hemoglobin level to find out if there is an anemia abnormality that underlies the desire to consume ice cubes.

Complaints of abdominal cramps, back pain, and solar plexus are normal symptoms felt when gestational age begins to increase. Increased gestational age means the size of the fetus in the stomach also increases in size and weight increases. Increasing fetal weight will change the posture of the mother so that the center of gravity will be more forward as a result will burden the back muscles and spine. The size of the fetus and amniotic fluid that more often meets the abdominal cavity so that it also urges the stomach and stomach muscles to stretch. Normal for mothers to feel full easily, a sense of urgency in the pit of the stomach, cramps in the abdomen, often urinating, difficult to defecate.

The thing to watch out for is when stomach cramps are felt radiating from the waist to the front abdomen in the form of increasingly frequent and routine rhythmic contractions, there is bleeding out of the vagina, complaints of severe heartburn accompanied by blurred vision and swollen lower legs. If there are any of these signs, you should check with your nearest obstetrician. Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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