Effect Of Chocolate Cyst Size 2.15 Cm On Fertility?

Illustration of Effect Of Chocolate Cyst Size 2.15 Cm On Fertility?
Illustration: Effect Of Chocolate Cyst Size 2.15 Cm On Fertility? Bing

My doctor has a chocolate cyst about 2.15 large, which I’m afraid of. Will the cyst be annoying when I have children? I’m afraid that later I can’t have offspringrnTrs how do I get rid of it? Can KB alone eliminate it while I’m not married?

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Chocolate cyst is generally another name for endometriosis. This condition occurs when there is tissue in the uterine wall, namely the endometrium, that grows in inappropriate places, for example in the cervix, vagina, fallopian tubes, ovaries, or even in the pelvic cavity. This condition can cause sufferers to experience irregular menstruation, spots outside the menstrual schedule, heavy and prolonged menstrual bleeding, very severe menstrual pain, and so on. Furthermore, this condition can also make it difficult for women to have children.

However, having children is not impossible for endometriosis sufferers. Smaller endometriosis (less than 4 cm) generally has a higher chance of getting pregnant. However, this is certainly influenced by many factors, including the quality and quantity of sperm, the frequency of sexual intercourse, and other fertility barriers.

The exact cause of endometriosis is not yet known. However, it is suspected that the growth of the endometrium outside the uterus arises due to retrograde menstrual blood flow coupled with immune system abnormalities. It could also be, the growth of endometriosis is influenced by hormonal imbalance conditions.

Because the cause is not yet known for sure, the treatment of endometriosis until now cannot be 100% cured. Doctors will generally first give conservative therapy, one of which is by giving hormonal therapy, a type of birth control pill. Although not a cure, hormonal therapy is very useful to overcome the symptoms of endometriosis. So, taking this drug can help make the menstrual cycle more regular, so that planning for pregnancy can be easier, because it is easier to determine the fertile period. In addition, pain due to endometriosis can be greatly reduced and the growth of endometriosis can be inhibited by hormonal therapy.

If with conservative therapy the patient continues to experience very disturbing complaints, surgical procedures can also be considered.

Consult directly with your obstetrician regarding the best way to deal with your complaints. If you are married later, the doctor can also help you carry out a pregnancy program to increase the chances for you and your partner to have children. In addition, to suppress the growth of endometriosis, a healthy lifestyle is also important for you to do so that hormonal balance is always maintained, starting with adequate rest, exercising with discipline, eating more fruits and vegetables, avoiding stress, and always maintaining an ideal body weight. .

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