Effect Of Cigarettes On The Healing Process Of Hepatitis B?

Illustration of Effect Of Cigarettes On The Healing Process Of Hepatitis B?
Illustration: Effect Of Cigarettes On The Healing Process Of Hepatitis B? drugs.com

Tonight. R nMy father had hepatitis b and his condition is now very fast. His legs are swollen. Have you seen the doctor but it’s not given medicine. Only told to control it. What medicine can I give to reduce the pain. And also I forbid dad to smoke. But he still smokes. Will the cigarettes worsen the situation?

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Hepatitis B is one of the hepatitis B virus infections that attacks the liver. Hepatitis B has acute and chronic types. Acute hepatitis B infects a person for less than 6 months, the virus can disappear along with an increase in endurance. While chronic hepatitis B is a hepatitis virus infection that occurs more than 6 months, and is at risk of causing liver damage if not handled properly.

Chronic hepatitis B is difficult to cure, but there are antiviral drugs that can prevent complications from this disease.

Treatment of acute hepatitis B often does not require drugs to eradicate the virus. This form of hepatitis can heal on its own as an increase in endurance, so nutrition and adequate rest are very important to support the immune system. While chronic hepatitis B, often requires lifelong treatment to suppress the development of the virus and prevent complications of liver damage. Treatment for hepatitis b consists of oral medication / taken by mouth or by interferon injection. Internal medicine specialists who are experts in the field of hepatology will help you to deal with the condition that your father experienced. Not all hepatitis B requires treatment every day, so it is important to do an evaluation to assess the severity of the condition experienced by the sufferer.

Regarding your father's swollen feet, it can be related to hepatitis that your father is experiencing. Hepatitis can affect the body's protein, especially albumin, so if albumin levels are low it will cause swelling in the body. Swelling in the legs can also be caused by other diseases such as heart or kidney disorders. Therefore it should be evaluated both physically and with laboratory examinations.

For pain relievers, you can give painkillers such as paracetamol, or NSAID classes (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) that you can get from doctors who treat your father.

Smoking contains a variety of poisons that can interfere with health, indirectly smoking can affect the disease that your father is suffering from and can worsen his condition by causing complications in other organs of the body.

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