Effect Of Consumption Of Vitamin D On Hepatitis B?

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Hello. Enlighten me please. I want to ask, if I consume 2000 d vitamin iu tablets / day, is it dangerous for my background that has hepatitis b? Is the dose included high in a day? All I know is that vitamin A must be consumed carefully so that it does not affect my liver. For this time I stopped taking prenatal because the dose of vitamin A in it 5000iu. The reason I took 2000iu is because in my place now it is winter, always in the room and no sun can provide vit d. Instead I want to add more doses. Are there other options for me getting vit d if the dose is too high to meet daily vit d? Thank you for the time!

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Vitamin D is important for growth and maintaining bone strength, because calcium can be absorbed by the body if there is enough vitamin D. Vitamin D is formed in the body when there is direct sunlight which hits the skin that reacts with a certain chemical that will eventually form active vitamin D (calciferol) ). Vitamin D is not commonly found in food, but can be found in fortified milk and cereals, fatty fish such as salmon, mackerel and sardines.

The amount of vitamin D in the skin many factors, for example time, season, height and pigmentation in the skin. Adults are usually not exposed to enough sunlight. Taking vitamin D supplements can help meet those needs. Recommended intake of vitamin D:

Children up to 12 months of age 400 IU
1 year-70 years 600 IU
Above 70 years 800 IU

Pregnant and lactating women need the same dose of vitamin D, which is 600 IU. So, in fact if you are not deficient in vitamin D, consume 2000 IU too much. Vitamin D preparations of 1000 IU or more are used for sufferers of vitamin D deficiency, and have checked vitamin D levels in the body, which are normally 30-100 ng / mL. Although the side effects of vitamin D are usually felt when taking 4000 IU or more, you should take it as recommended by your doctor. There are several conditions that arise if you consume too much vitamin D:

Throw up
Difficult BAB
Decreased appetite
Kidney damage
Heart rhythm disorders

We recommend that before you take supplements, you consult your doctor first. There are other conditions that require more vitamin D, for example in people with alcoholism, pancreatic disorders, intestine, osteoporosis, and so forth. In addition to supplements, you can also eat healthy balanced nutritional foods that contain lots of vitamins and minerals so that other nutritional needs are met.


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