Effect Of Deposits On The Kidneys On The Chance Of Infection?

Illustration of Effect Of Deposits On The Kidneys On The Chance Of Infection?
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Afternoon HealthReplies.com r n r nI have an ultrasound on my kidney. There is sediment. Can kidney infection and kidney failure occur in the future? R n r nOr it can be cured. Are there any tools or with medicine or fruit. R n r nBecause my body always feels a little fever and always nauseous. R n r nThank you r nSalom

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Hi parsian,

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The presence of deposits in the kidney is usually defined as kidney stones (nephrolithiasis). These stones are formed when urine is concentrated, causing minerals to crystallize and coalesce, then harden to form stones. These stones can appear along the urinary tract, from the kidneys to the bladder. This condition can trigger a lot of pain, especially in the side, back, and down to the chest area. This pain can spread to the lower abdomen and even to the groin. The pain is usually worse when urinating, accompanied by reddish, unpleasant-smelling, cloudy urine that is cloudy, and urination is small but frequent. Not infrequently, sufferers also experience various other complaints, such as nausea, fever, chills, vomiting, and so on. This condition is also what triggers your various complaints at this time.

Based on the type of stone, kidney stones are classified into 4, namely calcium stones, struvite odor, uric acid stones, and cysteine ​​stones. Each of these types of kidney stones can have different triggers. However, in general, a person's risk of developing kidney stones increases if:

Have a family history or yourself who have previously experienced kidney stones Dehydration (lack of fluids), for example those who rarely drink, experience chronic vomiting or diarrhea, live in a hot climate environment Obesity (obesity) Follow certain dietary patterns, for example consuming excessively high-calorie foods, salt, and sugar Reproductive organ disorders, including due to infection Other diseases, such as cysteineuria, hyperparathyroidism, urinary tract infections, etc. Handling kidney stones can be done through several procedures, starting with observation, administering drugs, or other medical measures, such as ESWL ( extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy), surgery (percutaneous nephrolithotomy), and so on. This treatment is very important to minimize the risk of dangerous complications, for example, kidney abscess, kidney infection, urinary fistula formation, urethral narrowing, urethral perforation, extravasation, urosepsis, kidney failure, and so on.

Therefore, if it is true that you have kidney stones, you should consult directly with a urological surgeon regarding the best treatment for dealing with your complaint. Depending on how severe your condition is, natural treatments at home can heal but may only prevent the disease from worsening. You can do the following steps:

Drink more than 2 to 3 liters per day, especially water. Reduce foods that contain high calcium oxalate, for example spinach, sweet potatoes, beans, tea, chocolate, black pepper, soybeans, etc. Limit your intake of foods that contain lots of salt and animal protein. Avoid taking calcium supplements without clear medical indications. Don't hold back the urge to urinate. Always keep your intimate organs and urinary tract clean. However, as explained above, you should still get your complaint checked by a doctor so that the treatment can be done completely.

I hope this helps.

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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