Effect Of Diabetes On The Healing Of Falling Wounds From Motorcycles?

Illustration of Effect Of Diabetes On The Healing Of Falling Wounds From Motorcycles?
Illustration: Effect Of Diabetes On The Healing Of Falling Wounds From Motorcycles? podiatrytoday.com

Hello. My mother fell from the motorcycle a week ago and was hit by the motor so that there was bruising on the thighs rather wide until now the color is still black-blue and difficult to walk because it is still painful. My mother also has a history of diabetes. Does it affect the recovery time? Or there are other effects that take a long time to heal. And what should you use topical medication or drink to recover quickly? Thank you

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Hello Margaretha Luccy,

A bruise (hematoma) is formed due to the discharge of blood from a blood vessel. Bruising can occur anywhere, including in the brain and other internal organs, but is most easily seen when it occurs under the skin. Bruises on the skin are often found in cases of trauma, for example due to collisions during a motorcycle accident.

Bruises on the skin change color with increasing days after the occurrence of trauma, due to the process of degradation of blood deposits. Most cases of bruising can disappear by itself. The bruise is initially reddish, then turns black - purplish or bluish (1-2 days), then turns yellowish green (5-10 days), then slowly turns yellowish brown (10-14 days) and fades. The size of the bruise gradually diminished. The loss of this bruise can take several days to 2 weeks depending on how wide the bruise is formed.

In some cases of very large and numerous bruises, blood deposits cannot be completely destroyed and reabsorbed and cause chronic pain complaints so additional surgical procedures are needed to evacuate the blood deposits. The location of the bruise also determines whether additional actions are needed to deal with the bruise.

Patients with diabetes mellitus experience longer wound healing (including bruising) than normal people, especially if uncontrolled blood sugar levels are not treated. Diabetes mellitus patients also experience neuropathy (nerve disorders) and also disorders of vascularity (blood vessels), a condition of immunity that is not as good as normal people.

If bruising continues to grow, causing tingling complaints in the limbs (which occur after bruising), occurs spontaneously without trauma, its location on the head / face / neck, it needs to get extra attention and direct examination by a doctor. Some things can be done to reduce bruising namely:

 Cold compresses immediately after a traumatic event, after 1-2 days of giving warm compresses Using a cream containing arnica, quercetin, vitamin K, vitamin B3 to help reduce bruising Immobilize areas that experience bruising for a while Another thing that needs to be ensured after the trauma action is whether there are other tissue disorders besides bruising experienced by the patient, for example tears in ligaments or broken bones. Patients who experience extreme pain, limited mobility, unequal shape of the limbs, pale limbs that look pale and cold compared to the normal side, increase the suspicion of more severe trauma affecting the bone and tissue. large. These abnormalities can be determined from a doctor's examination and supporting examinations such as X-rays or MRI.

In your mother's case, you should also regularly control diabetes mellitus to ensure that your blood sugar levels are always within normal limits. In addition, examination of diabetes mellitus complications both in terms of the presence or absence of wounds on the body, a tingling sensation at the tips of the fingers, vision problems, kidney disorders, need to be done regularly.

Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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