Effect Of Finding Calcium Oxalate Crystals After Urine Examination?

, I want to ask if the urine results show the presence of crystals in the form of ca oxalate what can be caused by the presence of these substances in the urine? as well as the dangers to the body if not addressed? thank you.

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Calcium oxalate crystals are the most common material found in urinary tract stones. These crystals are composed of oxalate, a substance found in foods such as green vegetables, nuts, chocolate, tea, soy products, and certain fruits, which combine with calcium in urine. The combination of these two substances in excessive amounts can form crystals in the urine and if these crystals continue to be in excess amounts in the urinary tract, these crystals can settle and accumulate together to form stones in the urinary tract.

Under normal conditions, urine contains certain substances that can prevent these calcium oxalate crystals from forming. Some of the conditions that can cause calcium oxalate crystals to be found in the urine include:

rarely drink water or drink too little
consumption of foods that are too high in oxalate, protein, sugar, or salt
there are other conditions that can increase the risk of these crystals forming such as hyperparathyroidism (excess parathyroid hormone), inflammatory bowel disease, post gastric bypass action, diabetes, and obesity (overweight)

You should do a follow-up check to see if stones have formed in your urethra. You can check with a surgeon or urologist to be sure. The doctor can perform several examinations such as ultrasound, CT scan, or BNO IVP X-rays to make sure there are no stones in your urethra. If the stones are small, usually the stones can be crushed and come out by themselves without requiring any action. However, if the stone size is large, certain therapies will be needed to help expel the stones. Stones that are left alone can cause several symptoms such as pain when urinating, blood in urinating, lower abdominal and waist pain, obstruction when urinating, being unable to urinate, and so on.

Some of the things you can do right now:

drinking adequate amounts of water (drinking at least 2-3 liters a day)
avoid eating too much protein, salt, sugar, and foods that contain lots of oxalates
eat foods that contain adequate amounts of calcium
avoid taking high doses of vitamin C
increase physical activity and don't sit too much

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