Effect Of Gastric Sores On Female Fertility?

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I want to ask if a woman has suffered severe stomach injuries and whether she could have children. If pregnancy affects the mother’s health or not

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Need to be clarified, have you previously checked yourself into a doctor and found to have stomach bleeding? If so, then what treatment does the doctor give you? Is the handling you still live up to now? Are there still complaints that arise?

Stomach bleeding may refer to peptic ulcers, which are echo wounds that appear on the stomach wall due to bacterial infections, side effects of drugs (especially NSAIDs), psychological stress, or also unhealthy lifestyles, such as smoking and consuming alcohol. Clinically, peptic ulcers will cause the sufferer to feel an uncomfortable sensation in the stomach, especially the upper part (pain, burning, heat, tightness, nausea, bloating) accompanied by vomiting, defecation, blood vomiting, even symptoms of anemia due to considerable blood loss.

Gastric ulcers that are treated properly should not interfere with fertility. With good handling, pregnant women with a history of peptic ulcers can also maintain the health of the fetus in the womb. Conversely, if the treatment is not done adequately, pregnant women can experience nausea and vomiting that is more severe, in addition to hormonal fluctuations during pregnancy, as well as due to stomach ulcers. Impact, the fetus in the womb will be vulnerable to nutritional deficiencies, then its development will be disrupted. Not only that, bleeding from an ulcer can also make pregnant women experience anemia. Anemia during pregnancy can have a fatal impact on the development and survival of the fetus.

Therefore, if you do experience gastric ulcer, it is better for you to check your condition as early as possible to your doctor or specialist in internal medicine so that the best treatment is given until healed completely. Treatment for gastric ulcers can be done by doctors with a comprehensive approach, not only relying on drugs, but also lifestyle modification. When you are pregnant later, your doctor may also coordinate with an obstetrician to give you the best treatment, for you, and the fetus in your womb.

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