Effect Of Impacted Teeth On Sinusitis?

Illustration of Effect Of Impacted Teeth On Sinusitis?
Illustration: Effect Of Impacted Teeth On Sinusitis? Bing

ok, rnI experienced sudden pain several times but for a moment from the right cheek to the back of the ear (it felt like cramps), but it didn’t happen too often, my guess at that time was because there was a wisdom tooth in the upper jaw that was stuck inside gum. After checking with the dentist, I was referred to the ENT, where I was informed that the tooth is at risk of causing sinusitis (currently there is no interference with the sinuses), but removing these wisdom teeth does not necessarily eliminate the risk of sinusitis. Meanwhile, the removal of the tooth must be carried out in the operating room. If I decide to leave the tooth, will it be more risky in the future? Thank you

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Hi Dinda

I understand your concern.

Before answering your question, I will explain a little about impacted wisdom teeth or growth disturbances. Impaction occurs when a tooth doesn't grow properly due to an obstruction from another tooth. Impaction can also occur due to a mismatch between jaw size and tooth size.

Impaction on the molars can cause the gums to swell which is accompanied by pain. There are also cases of molars that grow only partially so that the gums are partially exposed and form gaps. The existence of this gap causes food to get trapped easily and becomes a source of infection. This tooth infection can spread to surrounding tissues such as the sinuses, causing sinusitis/inflammation of the sinuses.

Apart from sinusitis, complications if left impacted teeth include:

Gum disease. Bacteria and food will get trapped in the gums that cover impacted teeth, this can cause infection. Gum disease can be mild (gingivitis) or more severe (periodontitis).
crowding. This term is usually applied to an irregular arrangement of teeth. Third molars can push other teeth which consequently damages the arrangement of teeth that are neat.
perforated. Because these teeth are sometimes in a very difficult position to reach when brushing their teeth, they may rarely be cleaned optimally. As a result, cavities appear.
Cyst. The crown of these third molars is formed in a pocket in the jaw. If this pocket persists due to retained teeth, this pocket can fill with fluid, eventually forming a cyst which can damage the jawbone, teeth and even nerves. The worst was the formation of a tumor that had to be removed from the mouth tissue.

Pain due to impacted molars can come and go / recur. To overcome this, you can remove wisdom teeth, or by performing surgery on the gums. The connection between removing impacted teeth and the risk of sinusitis is that removing these teeth reduces your risk factors for sinusitis. However, sinusitis can still occur in someone because this condition can still be caused by other triggers such as a viral/bacterial infection in the respiratory tract or an allergic reaction (rhinosinusitis).

First aid when you experience pain due to impacted teeth is that you can take pain relievers such as mefenamic acid and paracetamol. If the complaint is felt to be increasingly disturbing, you should see a dentist.

I hope this information is helpful


dr. Tri Uji Rahayu

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