Effect Of Intensity Of Playing Cellphone With Difficulty Sleeping?

Illustration of Effect Of Intensity Of Playing Cellphone With Difficulty Sleeping?
Illustration: Effect Of Intensity Of Playing Cellphone With Difficulty Sleeping? thumbor.thedailymeal.com

Hello. R nI want to ask, if someone does activities like playing on the cellphone before going to bed will cause insomnia. Because since I often play cellphones at night I feel I can’t sleep and will feel sleepy when it’s morning. Besides my cellphone, I also sometimes feel anxious about * the * sound * that it also appears due to insomnia. R n r nThank you …

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Hi Ajeng,

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Insomnia (difficulty sleeping) there are many possible causes. There is not enough research to prove the link between the use of gadgets (including cellphones) and insomnia. However, many literature states that exposure to bright light from gadget screens can cause a significant decrease in levels of the hormone melatonin in the body. Melatonin is important in its function to help induce drowsiness. More melatonin will be produced when environmental conditions are dark. It is also what makes you more likely to become sleepy at night (due to dark conditions). The closer you look at the gadget screen, and the brighter the light emitted from the gadget screen, the more difficult it is to sleep.

Not only the use of gadgets, insomnia can also arise due to various other factors, for example:

Psychological conditions, including excessive anxiety
Environmental conditions, including due to noisy, glare, hot rooms
Lifestyle, including the habit of consuming caffeine, smoking, consuming alcohol, overeating, sleeping irregularly
Other diseases, such as asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease), hyperthyroidism, congestive heart failure, etc.

Anxiety can be one of the triggers for insomnia. Conversely, the condition of the body and mind that are not fit due to insomnia can also make your anxiety increase. This is a vicious cycle that must be tackled further so as not to reduce your quality of life.

Our advice is that you go to the doctor directly for further treatment. In mild conditions, complaints like those you feel do not require special handling, apart from education and lifestyle modification. However, in more severe cases, the doctor can also prescribe you sleeping pills or refer you to a psychiatric specialist for further treatment.

As an initial treatment:

Limit staring at gadgets, especially with too bright light before bed. Try not to stare at gadgets for more than 2 to 3 hours a day.
Rest your eyes more often, using a warm or cold compress (whichever makes you more comfortable)
Condition the bed environment that is comfortable, not noisy, not too hot, not too cold
Get used to eating regularly, not excessive (especially near bedtime)
Do production activities in the morning to evening, including exercise
Take your nap time
Identify what triggers your anxiety, and find the best solution, don't think about it continuously
Avoid consuming sleeping pills carelessly

Hope it helps ..

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