Effect Of Salbutamol On Breast Milk?

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Doctor, I am a mother who is breastfeeding my baby, and I am also an asthma sufferer, coincidentally in the past 1 month my asthma continues to recur, and I have gone to the doctor and the doctor gave me salbutamol, I drink regularly, and after almost 1 week my breast milk doesn’t come out anymore, what should I do, I want to give my breast milk a lot more so that it can give breast milk to my child … With the help of the doctor, thank you

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Salbutamol is a drug with the effect of working to widen the respiratory tract by relaxing the narrowed muscles. Based on the categories for pregnancy and breastfeeding classified as category C where in animal studies show there are side effects on the fetus and the drug may be used if the benefits outweigh the risks. In some studies mentioned salbutamol will only be mixed with breast milk in very small quantities, especially in the form of inhalers so that the inhaler preparation is safer than oral. But still the administration and dosage obtained must be in accordance with the recommendations by the doctor

Side effects associated with salbutamol are

(most common)

- Heart beat
- Shaking on extremities

(less frequently)

- Abdominal pain, especially the lower abdomen
- Chest pain
- diarrhea
- cough
- Headache
- shivering
- fever

(very rarely)

- Rashes on the skin
- Swelling in the mouth area

The dosage should be adjusted where with oral medication is 2-8 mg 3-4 times a day while with a spray (inhaler) a maximum of 4-10 times inhalation per day. The dosage should start from the lowest and then be adjusted to the patient's condition.

Associated with the lack of breast milk can be considered also other factors that may be related such as

- Feelings of stress or stress, especially at the beginning of the birth period where sleep deprivation and lifestyle changes. This will affect several hormones, especially cortisol which will greatly affect milk production
- Less stimulation of production where milk production will be stimulated if there is a pump or suckle movement from the baby's mouth with the stimulation, the production will be increased
- Lack of food and beverage intake

In asthma conditions with breastfeeding it is better if the mother consults further with obstetricians or pulmonary specialists so that the use of drugs to overcome asthma attacks can be optimized with the least risk

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