Effect Of Using Eyelash Serum?

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In the morning, I want to ask, eyelashes are the same as thin, short and short, so I just fad to buy eyelash serum from Bioaqua brand. But I doubt it, because I read the article using eyelash serum so that the long, curly eyelashes won’t affect anything. So, how is it? does it really have no effect?

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Hello Yanti,

Eyelashes are one thing that supports the appearance, but not everyone has thick and long eyelashes. One treatment that can be done is to use eyelash serum. but the results of using eyelash serum can be different for each person, as well as other skincare which also gives different results for each person.

You may use eyelash serum, but make sure the serum is registered with BPOM, does not contain harmful ingredients, and if you later appear allergic reactions (eg itching, swollen and red eyelids, or eyelashes fall out), stop using it immediately.

In addition to eyelash serum, you can do a few tips to lengthen and thicken the following eyelashes:

Clean eyelashes regularly, especially if you often wear eye makeup, make sure to clean the eyelashes every time you sleep
You can use a makeup remover, micellar water, petrolleum jelly, or olive oil to clean eye makeup
Use natural ingredients to thicken and lengthen eyelashes: petrolleum jelly, olive oil, castor oil, green tea, aloe vera

If you want a more effective way, you can consult with your doctor directly so that more appropriate medicines can be given. There are several types of drugs that have thickening and lengthening effects on the eyelashes, but your doctor will consider the benefits and risks of side effects to Ana before prescribing them.

Hope it helps you,

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