Effective Treatment For Recurring TB?

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I was a tb patient in category 2. In the early 2012, I first got tb. Then in the end of 2018, the doctor said that I had a positive BTA 1 (+). I did not experience night sweats, decreased appetite, fever was also not high (still able to work) and rarely happened. , the results of my Tcm examination were positively low and not drug resistant, my question at this time I was doing a category 2 treatment (injected 2 months) was that suitable for me considering I was not drug resistant I was afraid of overdosing … please enlighten me from the doctor regarding the treatment of category tb 2 Not drug resistant

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Hello Ayuaurora! Thank you for asking at HealthReplies.com.

Patients with tuberculosis do not always experience night sweats, decreased appetite, or frequent fever. Sputum examination results will determine whether recurrence occurs or not. Patients who experience a recurrence after treatment is complete or are otherwise cured do require category 2 anti-tuberculosis drug therapy in which there are antibiotics that need to be injected. Even if you are declared sensitive (not resistant) to one of the anti-tuberculosis drugs, you still need to be injected. Patients with drug resistance will not receive drugs like you do. Patients who are resistant to one or more of the category 2 anti-tuberculosis drugs will be further examined to determine what drugs can still be used to kill the tuberculosis germ in themselves. You don't need to worry about overdosing if you follow the instructions from the doctor who treats you. Take your medication regularly every morning and get the injection on schedule so that you can recover well. Get enough rest. Increase consumption of protein, such as eggs, fish, chicken, or beef. Open windows and doors of your house every morning so that the sun can enter properly. Use a mask so as not to infect others. If there are children in your home, tell your doctor because the child may need medication to prevent transmission from you.

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