Effectiveness Of Postinor Pills 2?

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Hi .. I studied .. I had sexual relations with my wife on Sunday 8am .. We did it without security and it was my habit to not go outside outside always inside, and we continued to have our sex tomorrow Monday Monday 2 and after that we decided to not yet have a baby … so I was looking for emergency contraceptive pills on the internet … so I found this postinor 2 pill … finally Monday at 9 pm bru taken the postinor 2 pill because of the instructions on how to use to take piln 2 at the same time he took 2 tablets at once … the question is whether the postinor is effective in canceling fertilization on these two events? do you take 2 tablets at a time? Please info and advice. Thank you

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Hello Huawei,

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You need to know, the use of emergency contraceptive pills (such as postinor) is actually not intended as an effort to prevent routine pregnancy for couples who do not want a pregnancy. As the name suggests, this pill should only be used in emergencies, for example, in women victims of sexual harassment. If you and your partner really intend to postpone pregnancy, it is wise if you both visit a doctor or obstetrician directly to choose the most appropriate and effective method of contraception.

The emergency contraceptive pill contains an active composition of a synthetic hormone called levonorgestrel. With this composition, emergency contraceptive pills can prevent pregnancy, as long as it is used in the right way, namely by thickening cervical mucus, inhibiting egg mobility to the uterus, and preventing implantation (implantation of fertilization into the uterine wall). In this way, emergency contraceptive pills can prevent fertilization and implantation, but can not abort the results of fertilization that are already embedded in the uterine wall.

Can not be ascertained, whether when your wife is taking emergency contraceptive pills implantation has happened or not. Therefore, it cannot also be 100% certain whether your wife will become pregnant or not after your last sexual intercourse.

The right way that your wife can do at this time is, look for possible signs of pregnancy, for example not coming menstruation, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, mood swing, weakness, fatigue, breast tenderness, and so on. If this complaint arises, do not hesitate to do a testpack so that pregnancy can be detected earlier. Or, if in doubt, you can also consult yourself directly to a gynecologist so that a more accurate examination, such as with a blood test or ultrasound.

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