Effects Of Abortion Drugs On The Fetus?

Illustration of Effects Of Abortion Drugs On The Fetus?
Illustration: Effects Of Abortion Drugs On The Fetus? Bing

.. I want to ask.. my wife is pregnant.. when the ultrasound was declared by the doctor.. premature fetal death.. it was at 6 weeks of pregnancy.. then she was given abortion pills from her doctor.. but when I checked the next week… it turned out the fetal pouch is even good.. the fetal heartbeat is already there.. it is 7 weeks old.. the doctor said the pregnancy was continued.. i want to ask.. the abortion medicine that has been taken has no effect on the fetus.. because many say the child can defective.. please explain.. thank you

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Hello Zulhendra, Thank you for your question on HealthReplies.com

Abortion or miscarriage is the death of a fetus under 20 weeks of gestation. Abortion drugs such as misoprostol / Cytotec are actually used to treat the stomach, but the side effect is uterine contractions, these drugs are often misused for abortion. The dangers of abortion drugs or abortion drugs include the possibility of defects in the baby.

To find out the condition of the fetus in your wife's womb, do an ultrasound examination to the obstetrician, to detect any abnormalities or not to the fetus your wife is carrying.

Some suggestions for your Wife:

Regular check-ups with the obstetrician
Diligently take pregnancy vitamins prescribed by a doctor
Eat foods that are highly nutritious, foods that contain folic acid
Drink a lot of water
Get enough rest
Avoid stress

If there is bleeding from the birth canal, and there is abdominal pain, immediately consult your wife's gynecologist.

read the article, be aware of the signs of miscarriage

Thank you, hopefully useful. dr. Nurmarwiyah

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