Effects Of Ambroxol Cough Medicine?

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Good morning doctor, I was having a cough, 2 days ago I went to the doctor and was given the drug Ambroxol hci 30 at a dose of 3 times shari, besides that I was also given high blood drug Amlodipine 5 mg. I have taken only 2x the drug Ambroxol because after I took the Ambroxol when my chest cough was painful and it took energy to cough it phlegm came out little by little at night. But I tried not to take the medicine, so my cough was normal and it still felt a bit painful when coughing. What I want to ask is how does Ambroxol react like that? Or the effect is due to concurrent with consuming high blood pressure? Because it is not comfortable to take the medicine (ambroxol) as I am forced to cough continuously … Thank you doctor for your attention.

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Hello Ms. Sis Rosmaria Ocha, thank you for consulting us on HealthReplies.com. We will try to explain to you about the medicine and the condition that you are experiencing now.

Ambroxol is a type of mucolytic drug that aims to thin the phlegm and treat complaints in respiratory disorders due to phlegm blockage, so that the phlegm is runny and easily removed. The advantages of ambroxol include:

overcome the symptoms and causes of chronic bronchitis lung emphysema that often recur despite being cured treat asthmatic bronchitis chronic pneumonia acute pneumonia mangatasi infection in hair tissue in the bronchial area, so that breathing is more open and relieved Besides some excess ambroxol above, there side effects of the use of ambroxol, namely:

sensation of heat in the throat due to injury to the stomach because it is sensitive to chemicals present in ambroxol, increased gastric acid so that it produces symptoms of nausea, vomiting, full stomach, bloating. allergic reactions abnormalities in the fetus shortness of breath, chest pain and shortness of breath if taken together with antibiotics (cefuroxime, amoxicillin, doxycyclin, erythromycin) headaches However, in general reactions side effects that appear are usually mild and harmless. And until now there has been no reliable references and sources from experts who say there are side effects from the use of ambroxol together with amlodipine. Chest pain when coughing is most likely caused by friction from the phlegm against the airway and nerves in the respiratory tract become activated, causing pain.

However, we strongly recommend that you consult your doctor again to submit your complaint. Is there really an effect from amlodipine or from the use of ambroxol. Our advice for you to avoid phlegm is to do some simple things like:

consume lots of water to drink at least 2L per day, and can also be accompanied by other good drinks such as honey tea or warm ginger. avoid substances that can cause irritation or allergies such as dust or smoke. Avoid foods that contain a lot of oil or artificial sweeteners in bottled drinks. add pillows when sleeping, so that the head is more raised. Thus we can convey, hopefully the information we convey is useful for you. thanks.

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