Effects Of Anesthesia For Pregnant Women And Fetuses?

Illustration of Effects Of Anesthesia For Pregnant Women And Fetuses?
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Good evening doctor, r nI am now 14 weeks pregnant. However, a few days before I was late for my period, I had my teeth filled. The process of filling her teeth was using anesthesia because I couldn’t stand the pain and pain when my teeth were drilled. However, after being sedated I was shaking and the effects of the anesthesia did not appear immediately. But thank God, the filling process was completed well. R n It turned out that a few days after that when I found out that my period did not come I had a test pack, and the results were I was pregnant. bad for my fetus?

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There are many types of anesthetics used during dental procedures, but the most commonly used is lidocaine. Lidocaine is included in class B drugs, which are drugs that do not show a risk to pregnancy in animal studies, but no large studies (controlled studies) have been conducted on pregnant women. Class B drugs are medicines that are safe enough to be given to pregnant women. Although this drug can cross the placenta and reach the fetal bloodstream, it is unlikely that this drug will cause any direct side effects or any long-term effects on the fetus.

After knowing that there is a pregnancy, you should always tell your dentist if you want to perform certain treatments at the dentist. You can still do dental care, but your dentist needs to be aware of the existence of pregnancy so as not to give certain procedures (such as dental x-rays) or certain drugs that can interfere with pregnancy and the fetus.

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