Effects Of Cat Lice Bites On Pregnant Women?

Illustration of Effects Of Cat Lice Bites On Pregnant Women?
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Good morning, r n r nI am Selly and currently pregnant with a very young uterine age ( u0026lt; 7 weeks). Right now I am staying at my parents’ house and coincidentally a cat has entered. But unfortunately the cat will carry fleas, and several times I have been bitten by the fleas until their feet and hands are bumpy. His statement, can cat fleas carry toxo viruses or other germs that harm the fetus? What actions can I take to prevent negative effects on my fetus due to cat flea bites? I was very worried, while my next visit to Obgyn was only 2 weeks later. Please get my question answered immediately. Thanks.

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hello selly .. thanks for the question ..

toxoplasmosis is a disease caused by the parasitic infection of toxoplasma gondii. the spread of this parasite can be through cat feces exposed to parasites, contaminated food (consumption of immature meat containing pasasites), through the placenta of pregnant women to their fetuses, through blood transfusion / organ transplants from infected donors. in someone who has a good immune system / immune system, this parasitic infection does not pose a serious danger, but if the immune system is weak (such as in pregnant women and someone who has a serious health disorder) can cause symptoms or serious harm. symptoms of being infected t. gondii in the form of flu, fever, muscle aches, sore throat, and enlarged lymph nodes. in pregnant women can cause slow fetal development, miscarriage, and fetal death in the womb.

Cat flea bites can cause dermatitis on the skin that causes symptoms such as allergies to the skin, small bumps, itching on the skin, and reddish rashes on the skin. lice in addition to biting the skin can also suck the blood of someone who is bitten. until now there has been no research that states that cat flea bites can cause toxoplasmosis or other fetal diseases. but to ensure that you experience complaints or if the complaints are burdensome such as fever, itching gets worse, nausea, vomiting and muscle / joint pain, you should immediately check with your obstetrician and dermatologist even though you haven't entered your scheduled visit. so that doctors can conduct physical examinations, blood tests, skin tests, and ultrasound so they know your situation and provide solutions and appropriate treatment. In the meantime, what you can do is if you keep your cat, keep food clean, where you live / play, and your cat's body / coat (if necessary, stay away from domestic cats for a while), avoid consuming undercooked meat, routinely wash hands good and right, wash the food thoroughly before it is processed, manage stress and avoid excessive activity, get enough rest, and don't delay seeing a doctor.

that's all ... hope that helps ...

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