Effects Of Cavities?

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hello, I’m yulia … Want to ask, my right molars have holes and there are no teeth … But why does it still hurt so much? What’s the solution? Will filling your teeth permanently hurt again? Because what I often hear from other people after patching will cause back pain ..

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 Cavities can occur due to rotting food scraps and piles of bacteria that can erode teeth. In addition, poor dental hygiene also has an effect as a cause of cavities. Cavities will be prone to pain if the tooth is eroded to the pulp, where the area has nerve fibers that supply the teeth.
 Related to your complaint, a direct dental examination is needed to determine the exact condition of your teeth. By knowing the condition of the teeth, the possible causes of the pain you feel can be identified.
 Therefore, we recommend that you do the examination directly to the nearest dentist. The dentist will evaluate directly related to the condition of your teeth.
 You do not need to worry, dental fillings are done to improve cavities and reduce pain due to food scraps that are hidden in the cavities. The occurrence of pain after tooth filling is quite rare even though it can be felt by some patients. A good dental patch depends on the type of filling and can eliminate long-term pain in perforated teeth. Dental fillings will not cause pain, unless the dental fillings are not fully formed, there is still empty space in the fillings, or cracked patches.
 The dentist who checks you will give medical considerations regarding the best management for your teeth, is it still possible to patch or require tooth extraction.
 What you can do to prevent your teeth from getting worse is to keep your teeth clean by brushing your teeth regularly at least 2 times a day morning and night, avoiding food and drinks that are too hot, gargling using mouthwash and dental floss to help eliminate food debris between tooth.
 Thus the information we can convey, hopefully helps

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